Jake, Lucid Dreamer

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With a touch of the surreal, Naiman has woven a fantastical tale with a powerful message about learning to face your demons, traversing the tricky plains of middle school, and how important compassion is in the face of adversity.

Readers’ Favorite

David J. Naiman is an expert at character development. His characters are lifelike and relatable. Jake’s father is extremely convincing as a parent and husband dealing with the loss of a partner. Parents and children would enjoy and profit by reading this book together. When it is difficult to articulate suffering and sorrow, this thought-provoking novel would serve as an honest exploration of emotional healing after an upsetting loss.

The BookLife Prize

Naiman’s poignant coming-of-age novel offers a sensitive and honest examination of a child’s spiritual and emotional battles.

Kids’ BookBuzz

“If you are looking for an exciting read with relatable characters, Jake, Lucid Dreamer is the right book. Middle school can be tough for everyone, but showing how Jake dealt with everyday normal problems as well as his big problem (his mom dying) makes it seem like anyone can conquer their fears. Reviewed By: Ben – Age 10″

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All Things Jill-Elizabeth

What an absolutely lovely and deftly crafted story this was! It was highly deceptive in its deliverables – a very poignant and masterfull-created journey through life, death, and the aftermath of both masquerading (for much of the book) as a lighthearted tale about unusual dreams and anger-management.

Pages for Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Jake’s emotional struggle can connect to readers far and wide. I know that I was personally touched with the deepness of his rage and internal conflict.

Roxie Reviews

This is a lovely book. It’s both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. When Jake finally confronts his fears, and what he finds beyond them, is something truly magical. Something that all of us who have lost someone we love long for so very much.

Girl Who Reads

I really enjoyed this book and the way that Dr. Naiman approached children processing their memories, grief and tougher emotions. He really captures Jake’s struggles with this, and the importance of family support.

John H Manhold Book Reviews

A very well and thoughtfully written story of a devastatingly heart-breaking situation, set forth in a most movingly heart-warming and thoughtful presentation. Highly recommended.

Rae’s Reading Lounge

Jake, Lucid Dreamer is very well done, an encouraging and thoughtful read for any age.

Always Write

Give your boys this book. It’s funny and deep.

Library of Clean Reads

I loved this book. It was well-written, full of learning moments within the struggles of daily life of a grieving family. The ending brought tears to my eyes.

Literature Approved

I enjoyed the wit displayed by multiple characters. The family qualities. The craziness of Jake’s dreams. And the puns. Oh, the puns!


This book was very emotional but a unique way of handling a plot with loss, it make it a little more upbeat for what it was, but it was still sad. It ended nicely and I really enjoyed the overall story.


Statler and Waldorf

Didn’t Get Frazzled

Editorial Reviews

BlueInk Reviews (starred review)

Echoing the comedic tone of the 1989 comedy Gross Anatomy, the novel’s affection for this uniquely strange experience makes it the best fictional portrayal of med school since ER. Readers will savor the experience.

Kirkus Reviews

Hirsch’s novel, a ‘multi-decade labor of love,’ is intelligent, humorous, and authentic in tone…entertaining, educative, and unflaggingly funny.

Foreward Clarion Reviews

Reminiscent of a cross between the television sitcom Scrubs and a medical version of One L by Scott Turow, Didn’t Get Frazzled is by turns sardonic, touching, raucous, sexy, and sometimes downright gross. It’s also hugely entertaining.

Readers’ Favorite

Didn’t Get Frazzled is a marvelous read, funny at times, even uproariously so, and poignant at others(The book) lets you live the medical school experience from a safe and sane distance. It’s most highly recommended.


Entertaining and deftly navigating the steep slope of emotions, Didn’t Get Frazzled is, at once, funny, gross, sarcastic, irreverent, and touching.

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